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Mountain State Justice provides free legal services to individuals who are experiencing financial hardship. 

Mountain State Justice focuses on providing assistance to low-income consumers who:

  • Are facing foreclosure on their home;
  • Are having trouble making their mortgage or car payments;
  • Purchased a defective home, mobile home, or car;
  • Are being harassed by debt collectors;
  • Have received unfair charges on their loans or credit accounts; or
  • Were lied to in the process of obtaining a loan.

Mountain State Justice also provides legal assistance on a limited number of cases for West Virginians seeking adequate health care and education, especially those who:

  • Have been systematically denied adequate medical or mental health care or services at a West Virginia state institution or through the Medicaid program;
  • Have been denied access to adequate educational services in the pubic education system.

If you or someone you know is a low-income West Virginian seeking free legal assistance, please contact us at 304.344.3144 or 800.319.7132 to see if you qualify for our services and schedule an intake.


Mountain State Justice 
304.344.3144 or 800.319.7132  Fax: 304.344.3145