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Mountain State Justice is a non-profit public interest law office dedicated to pursuing impact and significant litigation on behalf of low-income West Virginians.  MSJ provides free legal services in our areas of practice to qualifying individuals.  (Click here to get help.)
Our work currently focuses primarily on combating predatory lending and abusive debt collection techniques through individual and class action lawsuits.  A limited portion of MSJ’s work is also dedicated to institutional reform, specifically in the areas of education, health care, and mental health services.  In addition to litigation, MSJ engages in targeted legislative advocacy on the issues affecting its client base. 

Mountain State Justice currently specializes in the following areas (click for more information):

Mountain State Justice in the News

2/12/15 Coal lobby bill removes longstanding safety protections

Psych hospitals case ‘devolved,’ patient lawyer says


New MSHA rule allows for periodic lung checks

4/29/14 Judge orders DHHR to fix psych hospitals
2/7/14 Lawsuit targets DEP, DHHR over Crude MCHM
1/22/14 Judge: Lawsuit improved state juvenile system
1/9/14 Facing suit, state board works on 'proximity detection' rule
12/20/13 Lawsuit targets W.Va. inaction on mine safety
10/8/13 UMW, Rockefeller concerned about shutdown's impact on mine safety

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